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A: As soon as you are interested in beginning a resolution, the Real Estate Department offers consultations to guide you through the process.

A: Depending on the type of resolution and the amount of documentation required, the resolution process generally takes 30 to 60 days to complete. This timeline only includes completing the actual resolution and does not factor in other processes like loan approvals.

A: You must use the templates which are provided in order to ensure that all legal requirements are followed. Print as many copies of the template as necessary in order to obtain the signatures.

A: It is a legal requirement that we keep all wet-signature documents in a physical file here at the Corporate Offices. You must mail all completed resolution documents after they are verified by a member of our team.

A: You need 50% + 1 person of the total number of baptized members of your congregation in order to pass a local resolution.

A: Then the resolution cannot be presented and the transaction cannot move forward.

A: No, it is a legal requirement that all resolution documents are printed in English.

A: The terms of the transaction must be written at the top of any page with signatures. We cannot accept any page with signatures that is missing the terms of the transaction.

A: The local church is required to provide their District Board with all resolution documents, after the documents have been verified by a member of our team

A: If a District Board decides to deny a local resolution then the transaction stops there and does not move forward. The District must supply the local church and the Real Estate Department with a copy of the District Resolution denying the transaction.


A: As soon as you are interested in beginning a resolution, the Real Estate Department offers consultations to guide you through the process.

A: At least 60 to 90 days prior to the lease termination date.

A: No. Only members of the General Board are authorized signers on any real estate transactions.

A: The Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus

A: We do not recommend for any church to pay any deposits or fees without completing the resolution process and obtaining approval from the General Board. If the church does put down a deposit without approval, the church is subject to a potential loss and will not be reimbursed if this happens.

A: If there is a written contract, then you are required to obtain a resolution. However, if it is a true month-to-month verbal lease agreement, with no contract, then you are not required to obtain a resolution.

A: A Conditional Use Permit is a zoning exception which allows the property owner use of his land, or building, in a way not otherwise permitted within the particular zoning district.

A: No, you cannot complete a lease resolution without first obtaining the CUP. If the CUP takes several months to acquire, then you must factor this into your plan to lease.

A: Prices vary by city, but depending on the zoning and code requirements you should expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $5000 on average, for a CUP.

A: You must check with the city and the landlord to determine if a CUP is required.


A: All mortgage statements are uploaded monthly to the ARIS database.

A: You can contact the Real Estate Department for a consultation to refinance your existing loan.

A: No, you must first contact the Real Estate Department who will work with a preferred business lender to find the best loan terms and rates.

A: No, under any circumstances the Apostolic Assembly does not allow for private loans or lenders.

A: While we are open to contacts you may have, we recommend that you work with the Real Estate Department on finding a realtor who specializes in commercial real estate and is familiar with working with our Corporation.

A: Yes, you can begin the refinance resolution as soon as you are preapproved for a loan. However, depending on the volume of loans being processed, there may be times when your loan may take a little longer than usual to complete.

A: No. A loan preapproval is just that – a preliminary approval based on the financial capacity and analysis of the lender. However, after the resolution process is complete, the loan must still go through the escrow process where a third, independent party examines the loan and ensures that the loan is viable.

A: From the point that you apply for a loan to the point of the loan closing and receiving funding can take anywhere from 90 to 150 days, on average.

A: Contact your District for financial assistance. If the District is unable to help, contact the Real Estate Department immediately.


A: While each member of our team specializes in specific areas, if you’re unsure you can always call our General Offices and request to speak to the Real Estate Administrator.

A: Contact the Real Estate Department immediately so we can work together with you to address and fix the issue.

A: Pay it. If you believe the charges are inaccurate or unjust, contact the Real Estate Department.

A: On all real estate transactions, the Apostolic Assembly is the primary party to the transaction (purchaser, borrower, seller, lessor, lessee, etc.) As a result, all documentation must be processed by the Real Estate Department to ensure that all legal requirements are met for each transaction. Only members of the General Board are authorized to sign any documentation.

A: The Real Estate Department is a function of the General Offices and abides by the standard business hours of Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm PST.

A: Yes! We would love to meet you in person, or schedule a ZOOM call for any inquiries you may have. Contact our General Office to schedule an appointment.

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“The Real Estate Department of the Apostolic Assembly values teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration as a path to insight and excellence in our work. The team of committed professionals embraces the following core values:

Quality: We deliver only excellence and aim to exceed expectations in everything we do.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves by the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every decision and action.

Agility: We execute expeditiously to address our church’s needs.

Respect and Trust: We treat our churches and each other with dignity and respect at all times.

And Most Importantly, Godly Stewardship!

Gabe Gonzalez

Real Estate Administrator

Gabe Gonzalez
Real Estate Administrator

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