Meet the Real Estate Team

Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez
Real Estate Administrator

Gabriel has been with the Apostolic Assembly since January 2020 and has a strong background in business administration and organizational leadership. Gabriel and his wife, Marina, have four beautiful children and are actively engaged in ministry and leadership as a family, at their local church. Gabriel enjoys reading, writing, listening to podcasts, playing the piano, casual fellowship, and of course a competitive round of golf with friends!

The Real Estate Administrator reports to the General Secretary manages the department personnel and oversees all real estate transactions of the Apostolic Assembly. Additionally, the Administrator works diligently to build and foster stronger relationships with key organizations and lending institutions in order to provide better services and loan products to the Apostolic Assembly. Any general questions, or consultations on real estate transactions, can be directed to the Real Estate Administrator.

DJ began working for the Apostolic Assembly in February 2022! DJ brings a wealth of experience with skillsets in business administration and business analysis, which makes him a tremendous asset to our team. DJ enjoys good food, listening to gospel music, weekend getaways with his wife, and hanging out with his friends!

The Real Estate Specialist reports to the Real Estate Administrator and provides support to the department by performing specific functions, which require specialized knowledge of the Apostolic Assembly policies and procedures. The Specialist uses their expertise and knowledge of the Apostolic Assembly Real Estate protocols to provide administrative and business support for the following specific real estate transactions:

  • Purchase Resolutions
  • Sales Resolutions
  • Refinance Resolutions
  • New Construction Resolutions
  • 2nd Mortgage/Cash Out Resolutions
  • Mortgage Statements and Management
  • Loan Compliance
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Real Estate Specialist

Esmeralda began working for the Apostolic Assembly in April 2022 and has quickly become a key player in the Real Estate Department. With a background in customer service and administrative work, along with a unique skillset for creativity, Esmeralda takes innovation to a completely new level! Esmeralda enjoys crafts and painting, going on outdoor adventures, exploring new places, and spending quality time with her family!

The Real Estate Business Coordinator reports to the Real Estate Administrator and provides support to the department by acting as an interdepartmental liaison between the Real Estate Department, the episcopal bodies (local churches, pastors, districts, and representatives), the businesses (banks, cities, municipal authorities, and county offices), and the constituents the Apostolic Assembly serves. The Business Coordinator provides administrative and business support for a variety of Real Estate Transactions including:

  • Property Taxes and Exemptions
  • Property Management
  • County and City Compliance/Violations
  • Lease Resolutions and Renewals
Esmeralda Rodriguez
Esmeralda Rodriguez
Real Estate Business Coordinator
Isaac Riojas
Isaac Riojas
Real Estate Administrative Assistant

Isaac, the newest member of our team, began working for the Apostolic Assembly in July 2022! Isaac brings both real estate and leadership experience from his professional career. One of Isaac’s lifelong dreams has been to work for the Apostolic Assembly and to be a blessing to God’s church! Isaac enjoys working out, pursuing his education, going to church activities, and spending time with his girlfriend.

The Real Estate Administrative Assistant provides administrative and clerical support to the Real Estate Department by assisting the Real Estate Administrator directly and also organizes the administrative needs of the Real Estate Department. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a member of the Real Estate Department, or need general assistance you can contact Isaac.

Let’s Make Things Happen

“The Real Estate Department of the Apostolic Assembly values teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration as a path to insight and excellence in our work. The team of committed professionals embraces the following core values:

Quality: We deliver only excellence and aim to exceed expectations in everything we do.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves by the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every decision and action.

Agility: We execute expeditiously to address our church’s needs.

Respect and Trust: We treat our churches and each other with dignity and respect at all times.

And Most Importantly, Godly Stewardship!

Gabe Gonzalez

Real Estate Administrator

Gabe Gonzalez
Real Estate Administrator

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